Paper size: 27(h) x 37(w)cm approx.
Medium: Gouache watercolour
Framing: Words by Paul Connolly mounted with illustration, date of publication marked on reverse

Price: $1,050 framed

Blank Canvas is an original gouache illustration from Good Weekend’s popular Kitchen Sink Drama column, written weekly by Paul Connolly.

‘Whenever Melissa slept over at Sam’s, or he at hers, she’d keep her make-up on and undress in the dark, then rise early to shower and groom before he stirred. After months of this, and feeling he’d never truly seen her, Sam told her, gently, that she needn’t hide herself, that his love was truly blind. So one morning, with great trepidation, Melissa emerged from the bathroom and stood before him unvarnished and raw. Sam caught her eye and then carefully arranged his mouth into something resembling an approving smile. Which seemed only fair. He was no oil painting himself.’