Paper size: 27(h) x 37(w)cm approx.
Medium: Gouache watercolour
Framing: Words by Paul Connolly mounted with illustration, date of publication marked on reverse

Price: $1,050 framed

Lucky Man is an original gouache illustration from Good Weekend’s popular Kitchen Sink Drama column, written weekly by Paul Connolly.

‘Although he was approaching 55, Harvey went through life thinking he still stood a chance with the drifts of young, beautiful women who passed in and (eventually) out of view. Had he been cursed with self-awareness he would have known this was nonsense. Just as he would have known that he wasn’t particularly clever, artistic, witty or well-endowed. But Harvey was lucky. As his ex-wife Emma often told her friends, without bitterness, Harvey was an idiot, steeped in ignorance and powered by groundless optimism. It’s what gave him the spring in his step.’