Edition series: 29 (unique states)
Print size: 43 cm diameter
Paper size: 49.5 cm x 49.5cm
Framed size: 57.0(h) x 56.0(w) cm

Application: Relief etching on pigment rice paper
Printed by Yuho Imara

Price: $950 Framed

Mapping the moon v1 is a cartographic process in a series of collaged prints. As it cycles through 29 phases, different mappings take place, temporally capturing the glitches, skipping and stretching, sometimes filling in gaps in the ways we figure out our knowings.

This work was developed from an idea started at an Australian Tapestry Workshop Artist in Residency in 2015. Watching how the weavers interpreted the artists’ work, following the cartoon, and gathering their colour palettes of wool and cotton. Then transforming brush marks and colour into yarns. Making loops, hitches and weaves as they worked. I was thinking about making practices. How the materials hold on to the force and lines of flow of the weavers’ work and their quiet discussions with each other about their decisions, after reading Tim Ingold’s 2010 anthropological work on making.

The paper folds and flattens, holding on to the intervening actions as I make. The practices of making inform the lines, structures, gaps, and restarts in the artwork.

Ingold. T. (2010). The textility of making. Cambridge Journal of Economics. 34, pp. 91–102