Edition of 20
Print size: 22(h) x 30(w)cm
Application: Etching

Price: $500 Framed

Geelong Gallery Acquisitive Print Award 2017

Artist’s Statement

Growing up in the Geelong area and on the Bellarine Peninsula, it only seems natural to appreciate the works of the artist, Arthur Streeton. I recall seeing the signs on the Princess Highway many times over the years that acknowledge the artist and direct you to the monument at Mt Moriac that marks his birthplace. As an artist I have always thought that it is extremely important to work en plein air and directly from your subjects, as well as your immediate environment – trying to capture an essence of it, its character, personality and uniqueness. For me, it is these qualities that I admire most about the work of Arthur Streeton. He had an incredible ability to capture the ephemeral nature of light, clouds and shadows as they moved across the landscape, and he transposed those fleeting moments and encounters with his subjects onto the canvas, paper and plate with such skill and efficiency. Joel Wolter, February 2017.