Paper size: 27(h) x 37(w)cm approx.
Medium: Gouache watercolour
Framing: Words by Paul Connolly mounted with illustration, date of publication marked on reverse

Price: $1,050 framed

The Secret is an original gouache illustrations from Good Weekend’s popular Kitchen Sink Drama column, written weekly by Paul Connolly.

‘Sitting in her office, Coco tried to think of something notable she was passionate about, but nothing came to mind. Every job, relationship or hobby she’d ever started petered out because her heart wasn’t in it. People assumed there was something wrong with her. After all, wasn’t everyone trying to – how did the magazines phrase it? – “unlock their potential”, discover “the secret”? Well, not her. Coco’s greatest pleasure and single ambition was to spend the day in bed with a good book and a bottomless cup of tea. If that made her a so-called failure, she could live with it.’