Beauty or Beast?

Interpret the theme in any way you wish but please provide a statement with your submission

  • Medium: any form of printmaking (no digital or photography unless used as part of a traditional printmaking process to form the matrix for a hand made print). Paintings and few other works on paper, eg drawings will also form part of the exhibition however Beauty or Beast will predominately be a print exhibition
  • Paintings submitted must be accompanied by prints or QG&W must already have prints by the artist
  • 2 – 4 pieces of artwork would be required
  • Framed and unframed works acceptable
  • Submissions accepted via email: NOW until end Jan
  • Submissions must included the following details about each artwork: title, medium, size, retail price and in the case of prints; framed and unframed retail price, edition total number, edition numbers available, etc
  • Image files must be around 1mb
  • Online portfolio links accepted but please be specific about which work you are submitting
  • QG&W will request any images required in higher resolution for print media
  • Applicant notification of entry: Mid Feb
  • Cost: No fee to be part of the exhibition
  • Works to QG&W are on consignment (please ask for our Artist Agreement pdf)
  • Delivery of prints to QG&W: 24 Feb
  • Exhibition dates: Mar 1 – Apr 29
  • Exhibition opening: A casual gathering Sun Mar 4
  • Pickup of work: as required, after May 3

Image: Beauty or Beast Drawing 3, Jiri Tibor Novak