The Lagoon and Barges, Venice essay by Michael Adcock


ARTHUR STREETON (1867-1943) The Lagoon and Barges, Venice 1908-1910 Zinc etching, 25.5 x 35.5 cm THE COLLECTION OF MICHAEL ADCOCK Reference: Exhibition catalogue, Queenscliff Gallery and Workshop, 2017: Streeton Prints, pp. 12-13. Context This beautiful etching came into my collection by the most fortuitous sequence of events imaginable. I had

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Q & A with the Print Council of Australia


How did this exhibition come to fruition? After successfully restoring 11 of 12 plates and realising we would be able to edition Sir Arthur’s prints, the artist’s grandson William Streeton asked if there was any way the opportunity could transform into something more for QG&W. William was impressed with our

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Theo editioning Sir Arthur Streeton’s Doge’s Palace – (time lapse video)


There have been many enquiries about the technical details of Sir Arthur Streeton's zinc and copper plate posthumous prints and we find this understandable given today's broad use of the term 'limited edition prints'. People unfamiliar with printmaking can't be expected to know the details. Queenscliff Gallery &

Theo editioning Sir Arthur Streeton’s Doge’s Palace – (time lapse video)2020-03-22T14:14:03+11:00

QG&W: Celebrating our first year


QG&W is officially 1 year old today. First and foremost we express our thanks to the incredible Australian printmakers who make our space what it is. This video was made to show the heartfelt efforts of everyone involved with QG&W. We look forward to a very exciting 2017.

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The Lost Streetons


A huge thank you to The Weekend Australian Magazine for featuring Into The Light, the Sir Arthur Streeton story about the posthumous prints QG&W is editioning. QG&W are closely collaborating with the Streeton family and together, planning Streeton Prints an exhibition with associated events that celebrate the never before publicised

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May at QG&W


Photogravure with Silvi Glattauer Queenscliffe Literary Festival exhibition opening Lettered print exchange Book making workshop - Andrew Gunnell Angela Cavalieri artist's talk

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April at QG&W


Bellarine Printmakers exhibition opening Drawing Comprehensive workshop - Michelle Zuccolo Monoprint / monotype workshop with Anita Iacovella Demonstrations by Keren Zorn and Shirley Hurley

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The artist’s practice – the significance of life drawing


We love the discipline of printmaking and are eager to educate everyone who walks into the gallery about its various forms. Part of this education includes showing the extended works by our artists and taking the time to discuss each artist's practice. Regardless of whether the viewer favors the work,

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Forming our QG&W community


We couldn't be happier with the outcome from our very first workshops. It's been a thrilling exchange of energy between our teachers and our participants and our minds are running with ideas for future workshops, events and exhibitions. Here's a first ever glimpse into our workshops:

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