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Where: Home and Zoom – As this is an online event the workshop will comprise of two parts.

For part one Brett will provide you with a task to complete at home before meeting online. This task will be completed the week or two prior to the online meeting and will take place outside in the landscape close to your home.

The second part of this workshop will see you creating a painting with Brett – he in his studio and you from your studio.

When: 21st of November, 2020

Cost: $120 per person (materials not included)

Requirements: A minimum of 3 people will be needed to run a one day workshop. Designed for beginners to intermediate painters. Advanced painters are also welcome if they are looking to ‘shake up’ their process/practice.

About your Instructor

Brett Mallon is an Australian Painter, Printmaker currently residing on Secwepemc land, interior British Columbia, Canada. Brett Mallon completed his Bachelor of Fine Arts (Printmaking) at RMIT Melbourne in 2018. He has hosted printmaking workshops at the National Gallery of Victoria, the Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery and the Kelowna Art Gallery in Canada. Brett has also completed a number of personal workshops and online art programs over the last three years.’

Brett’s practice is currently focused on his exhibition with Queenscliff gallery at the end of 2021 which sees him investigating the language of landscape. In particular, its role in modern society and how it can be applied when expressing one’s experience of place.

Workshop Details

As this is an online workshop it will be divided into two sections

Section 1 – Walking, looking, thinking, drawing

Section 2 – Painting
The Workshop will be loosely broken into the structure below. This is not a strict guideline but it is a general direction for the workshop.
Section 1 – Is completed in your own time, before November 21
Section 2 –  November 21: 9am— 2pm

Section 1
You will be sent into your local landscape to observe and record that which it is you see.
Brett will send you a video to explain his approach when out in the landscape. Brett will provide greater detail about finding things that could possibly form a painting in the future.

Section 2
November 1, 9am – 11am: introductions
Material discussion: Paint, surfaces, and the concepts behind deciding what to choose and why to choose it.
Artwork Breakdown: Colour and composition. Brett will present a short lecture –’nothing serious, just things to think about’ such as basics about painters and paintings.

There will not be any colour theory to encourage colour to be used intuitively and freely. Brett will break down his ‘how and why’ use of colour to empower you to use your colour choices with confidence. The short lecture will look at how artists use colour rules to say/create what they want to create.

Brett will review your observations from Section 1 and discuss ways in which to progress these observations into a painting.

11 -11:30: lunch
11:30 – 2pm: painting

The time to go for it. Taking in what you have learnt from the morning you will begin creating an artwork that expresses how you feel about the world.

Painting materials
Paint – This workshop is suitable for oil and acrylic mediums.
Surfaces- Feel free to paint on anything you feel comfortable painting on – canvas, board, paper, copper, found materials ect.
Brushes – Any brushes, palette knives, sticks, instruments you feel comfortable painting (or experimenting) with.
Rags- Makes life a bit easier for keeping brushes clean. Paper towel is also suitable

Cleaning Materials
Water – for acrylic paint
Turps- for oil paints
Rags – definitely make life a bit easier for cleaning up your brushes and other things.

RSVP and Pricing

$120 per person (materials not included)
A minimum of 3 people to run the workshop.

Event RSVP and payment is due at least 3 days before the workshop begins.

RSVP Queenscliff Gallery ([email protected] or 03 4202 0942)
or Brett Mallon ([email protected] – Instagram @brettmallon)

Payment details below
BANK DETAILS – This is a Canadian bank account. You may find it easier to pay directly into my Paypal.
Account name: Brett Mallon
Transit No. 93660
Inst. No. 004
Acc. No. 6399807
PayPal – [email protected]