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Exhibition dates: May 26 – Jun 20, 2022
Carolyn Graham will be at Queenscliff Gallery Sun May 29, 2022 from 2pm – 4pm

Synchronicity – perhaps of place, perhaps of time – connects Lucinda Tanner’s and Carolyn Graham’s latest bodies of work. Tanner’s most recent prints emerged from walks through her local forest, where she spent time reflecting on ideas of caring – who cares? What is cared for? What is the value of care? Marbled ink flows around woodcut leaves, intertwining and connecting in multi-process, multicolour works that signify the combinations and collaborations in which we require each other.

Graham’s predominantly hand printed animals and birds sit quietly, but not passively, alongside these connective webs. Bears, hares and cassowaries stand proudly in Graham’s lino and woodcuts, inviting us to marvel at their natural beauty. In her portrait-like depictions of animals and birds, Graham captures a rare moment of stillness. Shortly, we expect to see her creatures rummaging through or flying above environments not dissimilar to those created by Tanner.

LUCINDA TANNER is an Australian/Swiss artist currently living in Switzerland. Her large-format woodcut prints result from more than 25 years of hand printing experience. Through her vivid exploration of colour and symbolic form via print, Tanner translates the raw materials of her art – wood, ink and paper into images that transcend an everyday observation of the physical world. She has exhibited both locally and internationally in countries such as France, Germany and Switzerland.

CAROLYN GRAHAM is a self-taught English artist who works in wood and linocut. She has had numerous solo exhibitions both overseas in England and locally in Australia. Graham’s main interest lies in depicting animals and birds.

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