(Image: Simurgh, Hyun Ju Kim etching 29 x 42cm)


QG&W are excited to announce the 2019 literary festival exhibition print exchange theme is: ‘Historia’.

As per our previous print exchanges – Australian Literature (2018)Great Authors (2017) and Lettered (2016) the group exhibition will align with the Queenscliffe Literary Festival scheduled for May 2019 and will also incorporate other literary related works.

A maximum of 32 artists have been selected from the national submission call and have each been assigned one Myth or Mythopoeia as outlined below.

Each title was assigned alphabetically and in line with the artist’s submission date.

  • Gwen Scott The 12 Labours of Hercules, (Greek Myth)
  • Lisa Sewards Arachne and Athena, (Greek Myth)
  • Beth Croce Birth of Aphrodite, (Greek Myth)
  • Sharron Okines Blake’s Myth, (Mythopoeia, William Blake)
  • Sue Poggioli Book of the Heavenly Cow, (Egyptian Myth)
  • Julie Holmes Conference of the Birds, (Persian Myth,Simurgh)
  • Trudy Rice Chronicles of Narnia, (Mythopoeia, C.S. Lewis)
  • Warren Cooke The Dark Tower, (Mythopoeia, Stephen King)
  • Helene Athanasiadis Dracula, (Mythopoeia, Bram Stoker)
  • Kim Herringe Frankenstein, (Mythopoeia, Mary Shelley)
  • Kate Gorringe-Smith Harry Potter, (Mythopoeia, J.K. Rowling)
  • Jenine Bailey Helen of Troy, (Greek Myth)
  • Maureen King Jason and the Golden Fleece, (Greek Myth)
  • Catherine McCue Jonah and the Whale, (Jewish Myth)
  • Stephen Tester King Lycaon, (Greek Myth, Werewolf)
  • Anita Laurence The Kraken, (Norse Myth)
  • Ann Cunningham Leda and the Swan, (Greek Myth)
  • Jiri Tibor Novak The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, (Mythopoeia, Washington Irving)
  • Kyoko Imazu Lord of the Rings, (Mythopoeia, J.R.R.Tolkien)
  • Alex Hotchin Mahjong, (character of the Chinese dragon Myth)
  • Sue Ernst Merlin the Wizard, (Welsh folklore)
  • Justin Watson Night Journey, (Islamic Myth)
  • Nada Poljski The Odyssey, (Greek Myth, Homer)
  • Dianne Colk Pandora’s Jar, (Greek Myth)
  • Emmy Mavroidis Rainbow Serpent, (Dreamtime)
  • Jim Pavlidis Romulus and Remus (Roman Myth)
  • Larissa MacFarlane The Rape of the Sabine Women, (Roman Myth)
  • Kerry Anne McMeeking The Sirens, (Greek Myth)
  • Soula Mantalvanos St George & the Dragon, (Christian Myth)
  • Gary James Star Wars,  (Mythopoeia, George Lucas)
  • Silvi Glattauer Theseus and the Minotaur, (Greek Myth)
  • Laura Osborne Thor’s Fight with the Giants, (Norse Myth)

Terms & conditions for participating artists

  • Allocation begins with the first title, ‘The 12 Labours of Hercules, (Greek Myth)‘ and allocated to each artist in the order in which they responded to the National submission call (eg if you submit 6th but are the first of the 32 selected artists you will be assigned ‘The 12 Labours of Hercules, (Greek Myth)’)
  • Artist’s must base their artwork on the Myth or Mythopoeia
  • No swapping with other participating artists
  • 35 editioned prints will be required as 32 artists qualified (the number of the edition is 3 more than the total of artists who were successful in their submission)
  • Each print must be numbered and signed by the artist
  • Size of paper: 18 x 18cm (image/plate area can be smaller)
  • Please package your prints with acid free tissue between each impression and cut to the size of the paper -18 x 18cm
  • The edition cannot have a variance of more than 10% between impressions, and no more than 4 additional artist’s proofs should exist
  • Medium: Any form of printmaking (no digital or photography unless used as part of the traditional printmaking process to form the matrix for a hand made print)
  • Exhibition: The completed prints by each artist will form an exhibition with other related ‘literary’ works from May – June (dates will be confirmed)
  • Each participating artist will receive one full portfolio
  • 1 print will be framed by QG&W and returned if not sold. If sold, the framing costs will be refunded to the artist.
  • 1 unframed print will also be for sale (returned to the artist if not sold)
  • QG&W retains ownership of one full portfolio
  • Price of work: To be set by the artist (note QG&W retains 45% commission)
  • Delivery/postal address is 81 Hesse Street Queenscliff 3225.
  • Please ensure your package is packed well as any damage to the portfolio is your responsibility
  • Damaged portfolios or work must be reprinted in order to meet the print exchange purpose
  • Cost to enter is $320.

Costs will cover

Exhibition costs (hanging, organisation, promotion, advertising, administration etc), framing of one edition, management, archival box for each artist’s editioned set, and packaging for each artist. Unsold framed works will be provided to artists together with their complete archival box of prints after the exhibition. If postage is required, the costs will be charged, as applicable to the artist.


  • Submissions accepted via email until: 31 July, 2018
  • Notification of submission and allocation to the selected 32 artists will be made via email by: 31 Aug, 2018
  • Payments by: 31 Sep, 2018. Places will be reallocated if payment is not received by this date. If you need more time, please contact us immediately
  • Delivery of prints to QG&W: 17 March, 2019
  • Exhibition dates: May 2 – June 30, 2019 (subject to change)
  • Exhibition official opening: May 5, 2019
  • Pickup portfolios: From Jun 30, 2019 (or hopefully at the opening)