Project Description

Helene has degrees in Fashion Design, Archaeology and Art History and since 2006 has worked professionally as a field archaeologist, heritage designer, technical archaeological photographer and artefact illustrator.

She is also a visual artist practising in many mediums including fine art photography, mixed media collage and photogravure and has exhibited consecutively since 2012.


I have spent the last two European summers travelling through Greece photographing ancient sculptures on display in major archaeological galleries in Athens, Delphi and Corinth. These sculptures depict various episodes and characters from Attic mythology all rendered in time worn marble.

Looking through all my digital images on my return to Australia I wanted to somehow contextualise them in a more proverbial setting.

Sidney Long has always been one of my favourite 19th century Australian artists, and his paintings depicting Greek mythological figures within an Australian landscape essentially became the inspiration behind this series.

Having lived in Central Victoria for many years, the surrounding bushlands provided me with striking botanical elements that have always featured heavily in my photographic work. Lending Long’s antipodean approach to the Australian bush, I have merged the mystical world of Classical gods and goddesses with imagery from a Central Victorian interior.

Through the medium of photogravure, the original digital images were transformed elevating the archaic qualities  and  nostalgic tones  creating an evocative ancient world in an ancient land;  Atticus