(Image: A Reason to Believe II, by Adam Nudelman. Multiplate etching 20 x 24.5 printer by Joel Wolter)

QG&W is pleased to announce they have officially established their publishing arm. Adam Nudelman‘s Ark Suite is the first edition of work which will be published, printed and exclusively available at QG&W.

Publishing was always on the agenda for QG&W but the opportune time presented itself during Adam Nudelman’s Streeton Prints residency when Adam and master printer and local artist, Joel Wolter worked together to transform Adam’s working drawings to copper etchings.

During Adam’s residency, we spent a great deal of time discussing the options of further expanding our existing artist/gallery connection with both Adam and Joel.

Publishing not only signifies the commitment between artist and publisher, from our point of view, it’s a process of supporting the artist and a way to keep us all doing what we love – the artist making and us representing.

If you are interested in having your work published by QG&W, please email us with images of your work and a clear outline of your project’s intention (size, materials required, edition size, medium etc).


Artist: 34% Printer: 33% Publisher: 33%
QG&W covers all costs of the full edition which is run in its entirety upon agreement. Full edition and proofs reside at QG&W who have exclusive rights to advertising and sales and are responsible for the archive.

QG&W will mark each impression.


Printer’s proof (PP) belongs to the master printer
Artist’s Proof (AP) belongs to the artist
Bon a Tirer (BAT) belongs to the publisher

  • QG&W Publishing Adam Nudelman and Joel Wolter