Near, far or in COVID lockdown, you can now pop in and see QG&W exhibitions from anywhere at any time.

As well as continuing physical exhibitions, now, whether the gallery is open or closed, or whether patrons are in lockdown or not, QG&W virtual exhibitions provide an additional form of connecting.

We hope you enjoy stepping into the gallery and mezzanine stockroom each month – from anywhere, anytime!

As you ‘walk’ through the gallery (and even head upstairs!) the option to hover over ‘tags’ presents itself automatically. Artwork information, an artwork preview and live links are at your fingertips taking you straight to the website where you can peruse further or decide on an acquisition.

Whether a COVID-19 response or a modern-day method, a virtual tour is a huge asset for the artist, the patron and the gallery.

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Tanner / Tiwi Virtual