So it’s ‘bye, bye Barwon Booksellers‘, hello QG&W in the gorgeous 1868 Wesleyan Sunday School.

It comes as a huge relief for us after two leases fell through since making our move.

Coming within a hairline of signing paperwork and being stuck with hefty work and costs, we lost our confidence in the idea of leasing.

We believe also that great ideas don’t work without committment and after seeing what a divine and creative community Queenscliff is, we had no problem changing our mind’s switch from ‘maybe’ to ‘definitely’.

For now

We are currently developing the website and will launch a full site soon as there’s been a flowing interest and we are receiving many enquiries (been quite some talk around town!).

Sign up for our news via our contact form as we will be taking bookings for workshops before our launch, given they are scheduled for the busy Summer months. Accommodation gets pretty crammed here we’re told, (although there’s always the choice of Sorrento and a ferry commute!).

Our opening is now expected for early Summer. By signing up to ‘all the QG&W news’ you’ll be letting us know you want to be part of the opening celebrations.

Social media and subscription

To follow our progress on social media, find us on Instagram, FB &/or Twitter.

(Drawing: Pencil on paper,