Michael Leunig


DATES Exhibition dates: Dec 30, 2020 – Jan 25, 2021 Official opening: Jan 3, 3 pm – 5 pm, 2021 Humour of the Heart Australian living treasure, Michael Leunig, in the wonderfully regressive yet complex style that he is known and loved for, champions the simple joys of human nature

Michael Leunig2020-12-28T16:28:19+11:00

Carolyn Graham / Lucinda Tanner / Tiwi Artists


DATES Exhibition dates: Dec 10 – 28, 2020 Official opening: Dec 13, 3 pm – 5 pm, 2020 Exhibiting artists: Carolyn Graham, Lucinda Tanner and Tiwi artists: Barbara Puruntatameri, Chris Black, Colleen Freddy, Conrad Tipungwuti Kamilowra, Dymphna Kerinaiua, Geraldine Pilakui, Gerry Mungatopi, Glen Farmer Illortaminni Tjipomurrayl, Jimmy Mungatopi, Johnathon Bush, Kaye Brown, Kenny Brown, Michelle Woody, Nicholas Mario, Pamela Brooks, Pius Tipungwuti, Raelene Kerinauia Lampuwatu and Tina Patlas.

Carolyn Graham / Lucinda Tanner / Tiwi Artists2020-12-21T12:31:28+11:00

Kate Hudson / Trudy Rice / Gwen Scott


DATES Exhibition dates: Nov 19 – Dec 7, 2020 Official opening: Nov 22, 2 pm – 4 pm, 2020 Kate Hudson, Trudy Rice and Gwen Scott enrich and enliven the printmaker’s milieu with their intensely coloured, richly detailed nature mise en scenes produced using traditional

Kate Hudson / Trudy Rice / Gwen Scott2020-12-21T12:31:35+11:00

John Waller


DATES Exhibition dates: Oct 22 —Nov 16, 2020 Official closing: Nov 15, 2 pm – 4 pm, 2020 Painter John Waller pays homage to his formative years in north-western Victoria, digging deep into the red dust and bleached sands of the antipodean landscape. Drawing on the unsentimental language of abstraction,

John Waller2020-12-29T13:23:51+11:00

Warren Cooke / Wayne Viney


Exploring the way in which two artists see and interpret place, with contrasting results. DATES Exhibition dates: Oct 1 —19, 2020 Official closing (if possible): Oct 18, 2 pm – 4 pm, 2020 Warren Cooke Warren is a printmaker whose artwork reflects his relationship with landscape and life. Driven by

Warren Cooke / Wayne Viney2020-12-21T12:31:39+11:00

Megan McPherson / Lisa Sewards / Andrew Weatherill


Exploring the notion of identity through the prism of space and time, three artists employ traditional and contemporary techniques to express their perceptions of the ways – fixed and fleeting – in which person occupies place. Exhibition dates: Sep 10 —28, 2020 Official closing (if possible): Sep 27, 2 pm

Megan McPherson / Lisa Sewards / Andrew Weatherill2020-12-21T12:31:40+11:00

Rick Amor / Philip Davey / David Moore


This exhibition was originally planned for April 2020. Due to COVID-19 the exhibition was hung and presented online. Queenscliff Gallery & Workshop are happy to be able to rehang the exhibition and host an official celebration through August. Exhibition dates: Jul 30 — Sep 7, 2020 Official closing: Sun Sep

Rick Amor / Philip Davey / David Moore2020-12-21T12:31:40+11:00

Tanner / Tiwi


Exhibition dates: July 2 — July 27, 2020 Official closing*: July 26 from 2pm – 4pm An exhibition of works by Lucinda Tanner and Tiwi artists; Colleen Freddy, Conrad Tipungwuti Kamilowra, Dino Wilson, Geraldine Pilakui, Janice Murray Pungautiji, Jason Palipuaminni Stormy, Jimmy Mungatopi, Johnathon Bush, Michelle Woody, Nicholas Mario, Pamela Brooks, Pauletta Kerinaiua (JNR), Pedro Wonaeamirri, Pius Tipungwuti,

Tanner / Tiwi2020-12-21T12:31:44+11:00

Hague/ Lancaster / Pavlidis / Ricardo


Exhibition dates: June 4 — June 29, 2020 Official opening*: June 7 from 3pm Queenscliff Gallery and Workshop celebrates the spirit of mateship and collaboration in its June exhibition of works by Robert Hague, Peter Lancaster, Jim Pavlidis and Geoffrey Ricardo. Hailing from the western suburbs of Melbourne and friends

Hague/ Lancaster / Pavlidis / Ricardo2020-12-21T12:31:50+11:00

Human Emotion Exhibition


Exhibition dates: April 30 — May 31, 2020 Official opening online: May 3 from 3pm Titles as varied as Jane Austen’s Emma, Leigh Sales’ On Doubt and Hunter S Thompson’s Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas – selected by then-owners of The Bookshop at Queenscliff, Lisa and Mathew – are

Human Emotion Exhibition2020-12-21T12:31:53+11:00

Melinda Harper / Adam Nudelman


Exhibition dates: Feb 27 — Mar 30, 2020 Official opening: Mar 1 from 3pm Abstractionist, Melinda Harper has been exploring the relationship between colour and form for three decades. Adam Nudelman refines classical landscape painting and ads complex forms that seek cultural identity and the

Melinda Harper / Adam Nudelman2020-12-21T12:31:54+11:00



Exhibition dates: Nov 29 — Feb 23 Official opening: Dec 1 from 3pm View the exhibition online Exhibiting artists: Antonio Balletta, Christine Gibson, Lizzie Horne, Hyun Ju Kim, Deborah Klein, Michael Leunig, Soula Mantalvanos, David Moore, Geoffrey Ricardo, John Ryrie and Lucinda Tanner. Step into the personal world of the


Andrew Gunnell meet and greet this Friday Feb 5 from 4pm


Andrew's work will feature in the gallery from Wed Feb 3 for two full weeks. We welcome visitors to come in on Friday Feb 5 from 4–6 pm to meet Andrew who will be chatting about his work and the printmaking techniques he'll be teaching in QG&W's workshops. If you

Andrew Gunnell meet and greet this Friday Feb 5 from 4pm2017-01-24T12:29:14+11:00


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