David Hurlston Senior Curator, Australian Art NGV and Lisa Sullivan Senior Curator Geelong Gallery, Graeme Peebles and both QG Directors are thrilled to announce and congratulate the winners of the PPP21 are:

1st Prize $9,000: A Brief History of Nonsense by Geoffrey Ricardo
2nd Prize $2,000: Swamp Antechinus, Painkalac Creek by Bron Ives

Criteria observed in the selection process by David Hurlston and Lisa Sullivan were; the execution of technique, whether the work was a strong representation of the artist’s practice.

In addition, both David Hurlston and Lisa Sullivan acknowledged the importance of prizes and congratulated each entrant, and those shortlisted. The PPP21, like all prizes, provide an important opportunity for artists’ works to be seen by the judging panel, and for those shortlisted for exhibition, by the wider public.

Lisa Sullivan states, ‘Participating in this year’s prize has provided us with an opportunity to see a wide range of contemporary printmaking practices which reveals that printmaking is healthy and vibrant in Australia. It’s great to see such a diverse array of processes and technical approaches’.

In a brief video by Queenscliff Gallery produced in place of the physical celebrations unable to take place, David Hurlston and Lisa Sullivan provide further insight to their selection process.

Both judges requested additional acknowledgement for the work of Terence Barrett Covid-19 Mealtime compromise, which they also felt strongly addressed the criteria.

David Hurlston and Lisa Sullivan both thank the Directors of Queenscliff Gallery for the opportunity to be part of this year’s prize.

‘It speaks to the quality of works that the printmaking fraternity is creating at the moment’. Lisa Sullivan expressed her enthusiasm for the prize being presented in the region local to the Geelong Gallery.

‘As the curator of the Geelong Gallery, it’s a wonderful complement to the gallery’s 2021 Geelong Acquisitive Print Awards and really reinforces the importance of printmaking in our region’.

Thank you

Principal sponsors: 360QBorough of Queenscliffe & The Streeton Family
Corporate sponsors: Oakdene Wines & 44 Frame Factory

PPP21 1st Prize Winner: A Brief History of Nonsense by Geoffrey Ricardo
PPP21 Highly Commended Winner: Swamp Antechinus, Painkalac Creek, Bron Ives
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Bron Ives, PPP21 Highly Commended Award Winner

Victoria Bilogan, PPP21 People’s Choice Award Winner

PPP21 People's Choice Award Winner: Victoria Bilogan