What’s in a dot?

The red dot sticker on an artist/price card indicates that the art piece has been sold.

During our art exhibitions, art is sold and marked with the red dots, but remains on display until the closing of the exhibition.


What about multiple dots?

Queenscliff Gallery & Workshop (QG&W) exhibits many prints and these can be unique states (one single impression taken from a matrix) or editioned in any number (eg. an edition of 10 means the artist printed 10 impressions from the matrix).

In the event of an edition of 10, there could be up to 10 dots if the 10 impressions have been sold.

In any edition size, the artist could also have printed artist’s proofs. The number of proofs is usually 10% of the amount of the full edition size.

…and the half dot?

The half dot signifies a deposit has been left or the artwork has had a serious expression of interest and the art piece has been reserved.

If you see a half dot on an art piece you are interested in, you may still enquire and leave your details in the event the reservation is not honored

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Out of Stock message

If an ‘Out of Stock’ message shows on an artwork you are interested in this would indicate the piece has been sold. If the print is an edition, it may be available and this should be indicated by a ‘(can be backordered)’ message. If you can see that the artwork is part of a larger edition, you can call to check whether an artist may have an available impression.

I have another question

QG&W welcome questions about the artwork being exhibited, the artists we represent, the various techniques the artists work with and about the art/print workshops we host.

Please, don’t hesitate to ask!

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