Together with RMIT, it is our great honour to have established the annual QG&W RMIT Graduate Award and this year it was Adam Wilkinson who won the award and joined us for a week.

Adam received:

  • five days private access to the print workshop at QG&W
  • use of the press, general materials including rags, blotting paper, tissue, tarlatan, rollers, inks, etc
  • 10 sheets of Somerset supplied (560 x 760mm), and
  • studio assistance by QG&W Director, Theo Mantalvanos – as required during the access period

In addition, the Open Bite Student Association (OBSA) provided funds for Adam’s accommodation and ‘Shelter Shed’ provided food and beverage daily for Adam.

The monetary value of the award totals approx $2,000 and was, once again, well deserved.

Adam’s mark making and working process was inspiring (and he taught Soula a thing or two about drypoint!). Adam managed to edition two prints and was extremely generous to gift one of each of his prints to Theo and Soula.

One impression of each of the two etchings is also available at QG&W.

View Chilly Billy and Michelin Man.