Come rain, hail, or shine is a saying that roof restorers Darryl Stone and his team truly live by.

Working through Victoria’s blistering cold and wet weather, QG’s Wesleyan wafer-thin slate tiles were restored one tile at a time. As was the ridge and wood framing, new wooden slates for the roof tiles were replaced section by section for each area to remain watertight.

Singing and smiling as they went, Darryl Stone and his team also made time to stop and answer any questions from the community and visitors to Queenscliff and receive their due compliments.

The new slate tiles are from Spain, and both the work and tiles are guaranteed for 100 years (for those of us who will be around that long!).

The restoration puts the minds of QG directors and building owners Soula and Theo Mantalvanos at ease, knowing there will be no surprises. The roof had never presented issues, but Soula and Theo didn’t want to risk interruption to the QG artists’ exhibitions, having had enough interruption over the past two years.

The directors wish to thank all patrons for their lovely messages, calls, and emails and especially for the acquisitions made through the stressful closure… and exorbitant restoration costs!

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Darryl Stone
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