Peter Lamont, director of Handmade Films (Australia) works tirelessly on films for the arts industry.

Theo and Soula first met Peter when he approached Soula wanting to make an art film. What resulted was The Hurting Strings – An Artist’s Story of Pain, a documentary that ended up winning Peter various awards and helped create huge awareness for chronic pain globally.

Currently Peter is not only nearing the completion of the Streeton Prints documentary, but he is also working on a film of local artist Graeme Peebles which we hopes will be complete for Graeme’s upcoming survey exhibition, Velvety Depths.

The National Gallery of Australia (NGA) has expressed their hope of acquiring all video detailing the restoration of Sir Arthur Streeton’s etchings of which we responded to with much appreciation and support.

We hope you enjoy the Streeton Prints teaser.

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