Jim Pavlidis Outside_Geelong oil on linen 41 x 56cm

Winter Salon

Jul 30 10:00 amAug 21 4:00 pm

Exhibition dates: Jul 30 – Aug 21, 2022
Official opening: Jul 31, 2 – 4pm
NOTE: QG winter hours are Fri to Sun, 10am – 4pm

From Connewarre to Lake Mungo, Regional Victoria and across to Tasmania, the abstract and traditional landscape artworks by artists, Jim Pavlidis, Melissa Smith, Susan Wald and John Waller form a Queenscliff Gallery winter salon.

Steve Lopes Crouching figure & Landscape, oil on canvas 35.7 x 35.5,2021, $2600

Steve Lopes – Living Colour

Aug 27 10:00 amSep 19 4:00 pm

(Image: Crouching Figure & Landscape, 2021 Steve Lopes 35  x 35 cm oil on canvas)

Exhibition dates: Aug 27 – Sep 19, 2022
Official opening: Aug 28, 2022 from 2pm – 4pm

Inspired by ‘people living in the light’ and the ‘experiences outside of oneself’, Steve Lopes’s landscape and portrait paintings place us in life’s colourful zone.

QG is thrilled to be presenting Steve Lopes solo exhibition following the artist’s two 2022 survey exhibitions at SH Ervin Gallery, Sydney and Orange Regional Gallery, Orange.

Daubermann Lana Shots in the Dark 51x40cm $1,600

(Image: Shots in the Dark Daubermann Lana oil on linen 51 x 40cm)

Exhibition dates: Sep 22 – Oct 24, 2022
Official opening: Sep 25, 2022 from 2pm – 4pm

Arranged scenes, still but articulate of relished moments in the non-still lives of artists LANA DAUBERMANN, FIONA O’BYRNE and JOHN SCURRY.
Kate Hudson Banksia & Bottlebrush11

Sensibility: Kate Hudson / Sue Poggioli

Oct 27 9:00 pmNov 15 3:00 am

(Image: Scarlet Banksia & Bottlebrush, Kate Hudson reduction linocut 26 x 22cm )

Exhibition dates: Oct 27 – Nov 14, 2022
Official opening: Oct 30, 2022 from 2pm – 4pm

Confident and articulate in the linocut process, KATE HUDSON‘s elaborate arrangements and SUE POGGIOLI‘s creative sets are a bold, visual excitement.

Evan Salmon Giant Fig Tree (Jerrara) 2020 35.5x37 $2,500

Lived and Visited: Evan Salmon / Wayne Viney

Nov 17 9:00 pmDec 20 3:00 am

(Image: Giant Fig Tree (Jerrara) 2020 Evan Salmon oil on linen 35.5 x 37 cm)

Exhibition dates: Nov 17 – Dec 19, 2022
Official opening: Nov 20, 2022 from 2pm – 4pm

Distinguishing their lived and visited experiences of the place, the NSW paintings of artist EVAN SALMON and the Tasmanian and Victorian monotypes of artist WAYNE VINEY contrast each artist’s distinct position and view.
Tina Patlas


Dec Thu,22 2022 9:00 pmJan Tue,17 2023 3:00 am

(Image: ochre on paper, Tina Patlas)

Exhibition dates: Dec 22, 2022 – Jan 16, 2023

More information, soon