(Images: The Pain Revolution riders stop in for a quick hello on their way to Gippsland via the ferry on the weekend of the Outreach Tour. In the workshop with Trevor Barker, Pain Revolution, Theo & Soula Mantalvanos and Michael Leunig)

UPDATE: Apr 2, 2020: Thank you for helping us raise $1690 for pain research!!

Soula’s advocacy for chronic pain has been extensive throughout her 13-year lived experience.

Soula connected with world-leading South Australian research group, Pain Revolution, in the hunt for pain relief and in the process of establishing her own pain management resource, PainTrain – My Health Summary.

For four years, they have been supporting each other through their various fundraising events all for the chronic pain cause. 

Soula says, ‘We unite our missions, connections and resources in the hope of inspiring behaviour change within pain health’. 

Each year, Pain Revolution and a team of passionate and dedicated cyclists hit the road in order to host free community-based pain education to both health professionals and the general public. This year they’ll be riding from Geelong through Queenscliff to regional Victoria.

You just have to visit their Brain Bus! The experience of mind-bending illusions will teach you a lot about pain.

Raising funds

To help with the fundraiser this year, Soula turned to kindred spirits – artists are pretty empathic creatures. The first who came to mind was Michael Leunig, his work and thoughts fitting for the chronic pain subject.

Of course, Michael Leunig said, ‘Yes’… so too did Theo! And so, an exclusive Leunig limited edition etching, Song II has been proofed and is being editioned by Theo in a special Pain Revolution themed colour. 

Michael Leunig and Theo worked together in QG&W’s print studio this week to finalise the artist’s and printer’s proofs. The limited-edition of 90 is now available for pre-order through QG&W with all gallery commission going directly to Pain Revolution.

Further questions to theo@qgallery.com.au.

Any amount donated helps. Please head to our fundraising page if you would like to donate another amount.