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Born Melbourne, VIC.
Louise Blyton White work Time Nestles In Acrylic on linen 30cm x 17cm 2021 $2,200

Artist Profile


Born Melbourne, VIC

“I’m always looking for a kind of quietness, harmony and a certain levity when making my works. It’s the accidental beauty in nature that really captivates me. A small shadow from a leaf across the pavement from above. A reflection in a view from a window. Simply nature in everyday life. It’s a reminder that you can view the world differently.”

Australian abstract artist Louise Blyton employs precise, Reductivist methods to create lucid, harmonious, multidimensional artworks that embody the marriage of colour, texture, and form.

Precision and focus are a big part of what inspires Blyton, as is evident in the care she takes at every stage of her process. It is not only physical method that matters to her, however. She is also motivated by the meditative aspect of the search for natural beauty.

Throughout the creation of a work, the relationship between light, shadow and colour evolves, and the character of the form changes as the texture of the raw linen negotiates with that of the painted areas. This exercise is as much about the coming together of formal elements as it is about the transcendence of raw materials into an aesthetic object capable of projecting meaning into a physical space.

Blyton marries method with meaning by handcrafting each of her works using precise, reductivist techniques. Her finished works—shaped, minimal canvases designed to hang on a wall—occupy a liminal zone between traditional painting and sculpture.

Their unpretentious simplicity belies the considerable care, time, and problem-solving that goes into their construction.

Blyton earned her Bachelor of Fine Art degree from RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia, in 1988. She is an alumni of the Factory 49 Paris Residency, Paris, France, Point B Studio Residency, New York, NY, and Redgate Studio Residency, Beijing, China.

She lives and works in Melbourne, Australia.

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