Theo recently had the opportunity to present the story of Streeton Prints to an impeccable group of gentlemen of the Mens Probus Club of Point Lonsdale and Queenscliff.

The story – still unheard by many locals was received with great interest especially as it was presented by Theo who posthumously printed the etchings himself.

Running through the history of the printmaking process first, Theo proceeded to unravel the story of how the etchings came to be restored by Graeme Peebles and then editioned at QG&W at the request of the Streeton family.

“The impression of ‘Victoria Tower, Westminster‘ not only shows us the skill of Sir Arthur as a honed draftsperson but also his passion for attention to detail and by depicting workers of the time in the foreground labouring on the grounds of Victoria Tower Gardens. A similar image to this was produced as a much larger oil painting by Sir Arthur as were many of his other etchings and drawings. We are unsure whether the etchings were produced before or after the paintings. Nevertheless, as many artists before him and since, Sir Arthur explored his subject matter in more than one medium.”

13 plates (including two irreparable plates one of which was used as a putty mixing palette), the initial proofs printed prior to restoration and one full edition are now in the archives of the National Gallery of Australia.

An edition of 50 was printed from each of the one copperplate and 10 zinc plates. Three sets are in private collections and 30 sets belong to various Streeton family members. If you have been considering purchasing the prints there are just a few impressions remaining. The posthumous prints will sell out. Payment options are available directly through the gallery.

Theo is available for presentations relating to the Streeton Prints.

All enquiries to or call 03 4202 0942.

Below: Suite of 11 Streeton Prints numbered and signed on the reverse by William Streeton:
The Thames and St. Paul’s Cathedral, La Salute from Riva Schiavoni Venice, French Cathedral Rouen, Wheat Sheaves, Magpie, San Marco Venice, Doge’s Palace Venice, The Concert (Ballroom) Bamburgh Castle, Victoria Tower Westminster, The Lagoon and Barges Venice, Study – Basilico San Giorgio Maggiore Venice.

Sir Arthur Streeton-Prints-suite