QG&W directors, JACA mangers and the Tiwi artists, Pauletta Kerinaua, Pedro Wonaeamirri and Timothy Cook were thrilled to finally be able to meet and celebrate the Tiwi Jilamara exhibition.

The gallery and JACA could not have made this opportunity possible without the GoFundMe contributions from some very special people who all together raised most of the transport costs required for the group to travel from their location in Milikapiti (north of Darwin) to Queenscliff.

We thank them for not only giving Pauletta Kerinaua, Pedro Wonaeamirri and Timothy Cook the opportunity to visit their own exhibition, but for also making it possible for the artists to visit Queenscliff Primary School where they were able to introduce their Tiwi culture to all 100 students.

Tiwi Jilamara was a very successful exhibition. The artists are excited to be represented by QG&W as are the directors honored to be able to continue exhibiting and selling the Tiwi works.