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McPherson / Sewards / Weatherill

27 Sep
10 Sep
— 28 Sep, 2020
Mapping the Moons_v28 McPherson_Megan
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Exploring the notion of identity through the prism of space and time, three artists employ traditional and contemporary techniques to express their perceptions of the ways – fixed and fleeting – in which person occupies place.

Exhibition dates: Sep 10 —28, 2020
Official closing (if possible): Sep 27, 2 pm – 4 pm, 2020

Megan McPherson is an artist and printmaker contemplating the consequences of identity on space, their effect on the way we live in the world, and how we measure and fix spaces affected by our time in them.

Lisa Sewards uses traditional intaglio printmaking, etching on photopolymer plates, and digital technology to examine the parachute paradox: a symbol of hope and strength that floats, passive and delicate, on air.

Andrew Weatherill navigates changing landscapes to investigate perception, location and the value of memory, interweaving paint, photography and intaglio printmaking to illustrate the shifting point of contact between mass and space.

Warren Cooke / Wayne Viney

Oct 1 10:00 amOct 19 4:00 pm

Exploring the way in which two artists see and interpret place, with contrasting results.

Exhibition dates: Oct 1 —19, 2020
Official opening (if possible): Oct 4, 2 pm – 4 pm, 2020

Warren Cooke

Warren is a printmaker whose artwork reflects his relationship with landscape and life.

Driven by feelings evoked by distant memories, Warren re-visits the places where he grew up and, in so doing, rediscovers parts of his life.

His recent work reflects his current life on the Mornington Peninsula; the rich natural environment – as seen from both land and sea – given form and colour by time, emotion, mindset, memory and mood.

Wayne Viney

Wayne draws upon the painterly potential of monotypes to create the moody twilight studies for which he is best known.

The sea and sky monotypes continue his practice of simplifying the landscape, working within a simple geometric format to explore the nuances of colour to find a balance between figuration and abstraction, light and darkness.

The work is about the sea and the sky, the place where the sky and land, and land and water converge. It is essentially non-representational. The ambiguity of the subject matter hopefully allows the viewer to experience the image

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Welcoming Andrew Totman

Andrew Totman’s work was first introduced to QG&W during the 2019 Peebles Print Prize. In fact Andrew was the 2019 Peebles Print Prize Highly Commended Award winner for his aquatint, multi-plate etching Down to the River.

‘Many of the deeply red multi-plate monotype works included in Intuition incorporate organic forms that remind the viewer of hastily glimpsed, evanescent bones or muscle tissue encased in blood dyed veils of fugacious muslin scrim. The constant repetitious pumping beat of the Suzanne Vega song ‘Blood Makes Noise’, echoes as foramen within bone are displayed, paths are mapped for the eye, to travel up and down tendons.’

(Excerpt by Dr. Thomas A. Middlemost
Art Curator, Charles Sturt University Art Collection)



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Lucinda Tanner in studio through COVID19
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