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Current: David Moore

Exhibition dates: Jun 24 – Jul 12, 2021
Official opening with David Moore: Sun Jun 27 from 2pm – 4pm

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David Moore Solo Exhibition

Jun 24 10:00 amJul 12 4:00 pm

Exhibition dates: Jun 24 – Jul 12, 2021
Official opening with David: Sun Jun 27 from 2pm – 4pm

The paintings of artist David Moore appear strikingly simple – a vase of flowers; a reclining tutu; a table of crockery; an Australian bush landscape. Always beginning with what he knows and what he is surrounded by, Moore paints with a freedom that presents everyday objects and places in a way that makes them feel extraordinary. A lemon suddenly becomes something “rather special” when viewed through the frame of Moore’s studio. It takes on the solitude of the space, creating an equally intimate experience for the viewer as it is for Moore when he’s painting. There’s a similar warmth to Moore’s landscapes. When brought together, these still lifes and landscapes tell a painterly tale that is technically rich and abundant in those little details that bring our world and its objects alive. As an overall body of work, Moore’s paintings occupy a beautifully fragile space where, in the artist’s own words, their minimalism teeters “on the edge of just not having enough, but having enough.”

David Moore is a Melbourne based artist whose favoured mediums are oil paint on canvas and cedar

Warren Cooke / Evan Salmon

Jul 15 10:00 amAug 2 4:00 pm

Exhibition dates: Jul 15 – Aug 2, 2021
Official opening: Sun Jul 18 from 2pm – 4pm

En plein air’ or plein air painting refers to the act of painting outdoors – a technique that has both the artist and subject at the whim of the elements. Variables that the artist can traditionally control such as light, movement and colour, suddenly become an unpredictable and thrilling challenge. Warren Cooke and Evan Salmon have both embraced the method, immersing themselves in their environment to create works driven by a nostalgia for place and that reflect a practice of persistent, and patient, looking.

Salmon’s, gnarly tree trunks and lush plots of Australian bush landscape are painted and drawn with a warmth; each composition unique in how it chooses to frame its subject and in the experience that it creates for its viewer. With some works, we’re within a mere arm’s length of a branch – able to see each fissure and bump –  and yet with others, it’s distance that captivates; a stretch of disappearing road; a scape of hills and paddocks. With Cooke, there’s an added layer of complexity to his compositions. Painting from the water, he literally immerses his viewer within the landscape, creating

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