Queenscliff Gallery Opening of Mungo at fortyfivedownstairs


A much-needed roof restoration on QG’s Wesleyan Church presented an opportunity to remain productive and host a pop-up exhibition at fortyfivedownstairs in Flinders Lane, Melbourne. It was a magnificent celebration of SUSAN WALD’s exquisite body of work – four years in the making as QG’s

Queenscliff Gallery Opening of Mungo at fortyfivedownstairs2022-07-25T11:54:49+10:00

Deborah Klein by Artist Profile


Deborah Klein (Repost from Artist Profile article by Erin McFadyen) Deborah Klein’s recent body of work, “Rückenfigur,” explores the textures, techniques, and teachings that structure hidden histories of women’s presence in art – both as creators and as subjects. The work represents a return to,

Deborah Klein by Artist Profile2022-06-21T14:34:15+10:00

QG Roof Restoration


It’s near seven years since QG Directors, Soula & Theo Mantalvanos acquired their 1868 Wesleyan Church. There has been much restoration and care work already completed and now, the inevitable mammoth task of restoring the over 150-year-old slate roof tiles has come. Through the planned replacement of 5,000 slate tiles

QG Roof Restoration2022-06-09T11:15:41+10:00

Deborah Klein’s Geelong Grammar School Residency


Congratulations to DEBORAH KLEIN on the completion of her much anticipated nine-day residency at Geelong Grammar School. Deborah Klein captures views of the spacious, light-filled artist-in-residence studio at Geelong Grammar School that she set up in with the assistance of Rupert the technician and department

Deborah Klein’s Geelong Grammar School Residency2022-06-09T10:38:20+10:00

Susan Wald Preview: Mungo at fortyfivedownstairs


Exhibition preview Susan Wald – Mungo at fortyfivedownstairs These are pictures for our time. Pictures that are refined by time, they are thoughtful, and speak of death and birth in one. They speak of the endpoint of the Australian landscape, the dry, desolate, final images of one of

Susan Wald Preview: Mungo at fortyfivedownstairs2022-07-08T14:36:12+10:00

Louise Blyton / Melinda Harper Exhibition


A gathering of friends, kindred spirits and special patrons on Sunday Mar 27 to celebrate the opening of Louise Blyton and Melinda Harper's exhibition. In attendance were artists Louise Blyton and Melinda Harper with Cat Poljski and John Waller, Langridge's David Coles and local patrons, friends and family. Thank

Louise Blyton / Melinda Harper Exhibition2022-03-29T10:56:33+11:00



QG celebrate International Women's Day 2022 by transforming the QG website to feature the amazing works by women who exhibit with us. Across all media channels, artworks were shared featuring the following 40 artists. Elizabeth Banfield, Barbara Puruntatameri, Louise Blyton, Moli Carew, Lana De Jager, Dymphna Kerinaiua, Geraldine Pilakui, Christine


Steve Lopes


“Steve Lopes’ work is enormously diverse in imagery and content. It is a celebration of the enduring spirit of humanity and the power of connection.” Anne Ryan, senior curator, AGNSW Steve Lopes is a Sydney-based painter known for his figurative landscapes. He often works en plein air, painting vignettes

Steve Lopes2022-07-02T14:53:46+10:00

Davonport Regional Gallery TAS: Without a Sound, Melissa Smith


Due to the unfortunate circumstances with COVID restrictions, Melissa Smith is unable to attend her QG focus exhibition with Anita Iacovella.Not so unfortunate for Tasmanians who have an abundant choice to view Melissa's works and to also enjoy a floor talk.QG would like to congratulate Melissa Smith on her recent

Davonport Regional Gallery TAS: Without a Sound, Melissa Smith2022-02-10T10:25:49+11:00

Melissa Smith in the Queen Victoria Museum & Art Gallery, Launceston’s Permanent Collection


Congratulations to Melissa Smith whose work Bass Strait Circles III 2015 has been included in the new Permanent Collection exhibition at the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery, Royal Park, Launceston. The exhibition was curated by Ashleigh Whatling. 'Through printmaking, Melissa Smith extracts elements from a personal and

Melissa Smith in the Queen Victoria Museum & Art Gallery, Launceston’s Permanent Collection2021-09-19T11:33:16+10:00

David Frazer: The artist turning Nick Cave songs into wood engravings


David Frazer in his studio in country Victoria. CREDIT:SEAN MCKENNA (Excerpt from The Age The artist turning Nick Cave songs into wood engravings By Andrew Stephens) September 17, 2021 — 4.00pm In 1981, when he was 15, David Frazer and his mate Garry went to a Tom Waits concert

David Frazer: The artist turning Nick Cave songs into wood engravings2021-09-19T11:05:19+10:00


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